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"HATSUNE MIKU" All Star Battle


Hatsune Miku our MMD models, compete in the world of martial arts.While it referred to as All-Star, but not in the All-StarPlease look forward to the future.Unity-chan is also appearance.@WEB SiteTry, for interpersonal competition, who crash, we have prepared a WEB site for and so on.You can play in UnityWebPlayer.
[Hatsune Miku]・Default・Append・White Onepiece・Black Dress・Saver Cosplay(Kuma mark)
[Megurine Luka]・Philosophia・Festival Kimono
[Kagamine Rin]・Default・Bikini
[Akita Neru]・Cami Onepiece
Lets entry to the national network rankings in all stages clear.High score Aim the top of the world!
*STORY mode All 9 stages & Extra. 3 stages
*VS mode Player vs CPU / CPU vs CPU
==============================================================[license]This work is based on the Piapuro-character licenseCharacter of Crypton Future Media, Inc.It is the thing which drew a "Hatsune Miku".(C)Crypton Future Media, INC.
@This work is based on the Unity-Chan license.(C)Unity Technologies Japan/UCL
@This work has been used is "VOCALOID SDK for Unity" of Yamaha Corporation.@"VOCALOID (Vocaloid)" as well as "Vocaloid" is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.
@Below, of everybody, allowed to use the MMD arts. Thanks.[MMD->Unity]・Blender・Toony Colors Pro+Mobile[MMD Model]・Tda.method Hatsune Miku Append Ver1.00・Tda.method Mod.Affections Philosophia Luka・Tda.method Mod.Akita Neru Cami Onepiece・Tda.method Default Hatsune Miku Suppin・Tda.method Mod.Suppin Append Miku Onepiece・MEIKO V3 Swimwear・Tda.method Mod.Kagamine Rin act2・YYB.method Kagamine Rin Bikini ver1.00・TDA IYDD (ndf)・TDA kimono luka・Tda.method Mod. Cosplay Miku (Saver Style Kuma)
@Great Painter, thank you.[Background picture]・Prigazou(
@This is a great Music.[Music]・Moudamashii(